Monday, June 8, 2009

What Came in the Box

In case you're interested in knowing what is in the current promotion, this is it (in their words):

Stitch Era Liberty Plus
Bonus Pack:
True Type font compatible
Predigitized Monogram templates
Autocomplete Objects (on autotrace)
Embroidery designs organization
Photo Stitching, Interactive
Create Custom Programmable Stitches
Autocomplete Objects (fill vectors)
Advanced Print Formats
Predigitized Motifs
Resizing with stitch compensation
Convert raster images to vector
Create vector shapes
Stitch Pattern builder
Autocomplete objects (on manual digitizing)

Items that were not included were (again in their words):

Publishing Tools, CD, Web, etc. $150
Folders on the Web $100
Advanced Stitch Styles for TTF $100
Effects on TTF: Shadow and Trap $100
Team Names $100
Cross-Stitching, Interactive $100
Production Time Estimation $50
Production Quotes Making $100
Chenille on Paths and Areas $300
Create Custom Fonts 1 (standard digitizing $200
Create Custom Motif $150
Advanced Stitch Pattern builder $150
Macro Fill Stitches on Areas $200
Fur Fill Stitches on Areas $200
Sequin Style on Area and Path $300
Create Custom Fonts 2 (TTF conversion) $500
Connection to Machines (Serial) $100

You can see a short description of each item (and sometimes a demo video) on the Stitch Era website without having to be a software owner, although the prices are not shown there.

You can also purchase additional fonts and monograms for $12 to $25 each. You're supposed to be able to purchase additional fill patterns on the owners' web site, but I couldn't find them.


  1. Hi,

    I would be very interested in hearing how you are doing with your Stitch Era Liberty product now.

    I am considering purchasing, but can't afford to invest in a dud LOL.

    How are you faring with the product? I would very much like to hear from you asap.

    My e-mail is below.

    Thank you,
    Charlotte Gilmour

  2. Thanks for this information. I'm considering purchasing Liberty since I'm currently using Universal but i was wondering how much the additional add ons cost.