Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stitch Era Forums

Just a quick note here about Stitch Era forums. I've discovered one Stitch Era forum in Yahoo Groups called stitcherasoftware but it appears to be abandoned - I asked to be added as a member and got no response. Sierra Technology has created what they call a Stitch ERA User's Community Forum which can be accessed through the software itself. I'm not sure if you can access the forum in any other manner (i.e. via a web browser), but I've emailed Technical Support to ask this very question.

When I did look at the User's Community Forum, it seemed very sparse - not too many questions. Most, if not all, questions I found to be answered. Nonetheless, it was somewhat disappointing to see so little discourse. So it seems, at the moment, there's virtually no public forums available to talk about Stitch Era and the one forum that does exist is for customers only. If this product is as good as it looks, I think it's in our best interest as customers and in Sierra Technology's best interest to encourage public discourse about the product.

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  1. Try this list

    It is run by people who work for Sierra Tech. I am a member there. I have SEU, but Liberty is a step up. They are the same program except you have more fonts, bells and whistles than what I do. I wish I could afford the Liberty program!